Getting started

This section is intended for developers of applications and servers that use the PickPoint geocoding platform. Before you start working with API you need to create an account. To quickly familiarize yourself with our service please refer to the Getting Started section.

All you need to start experimenting is any utility for sending HTTP-requests, or you can even use your web browser's address bar. You can also use GEO LAB, which is available from your account dashboard.


While developing PickPoint we did our best to minimize the effort needed to integrate it with your products. To start working with our service you must first copy your API Key that is available from your account subscription section:

Since API V2 we use HTTP-headers for performing authorization process. For every request to our services you need to use API Key. The header name is X-API-KEY. Usage example:

curl -i -X GET \
  '' \



You should keep your API key secure. In order to prevent a leak please do not store it on client side of your software. We're working on token-based authorization mechanism which will be available in further versions of API.

Your first request

Of course, before you start to integrate a service you'd like to have a proof of concept. You can easily the check the power of API using our GEO LAB. For example, you can try to build a route. At first select "ROUTE" example:


Then feel free to edit input params or use default. When ready then press "Execute" button. You will see a result in JSON format:


If you click to "Map View" button below then you will see a map with your route.

GEO LAB Route Map

Now you're ready to test it in your application. Just scroll down, select a language and copy the code snippet.

GEO LAB Route Code Snippet

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