PickPoint: The Origin

The Problem We Encountered:

Back in 2015, we, as software developers, stumbled upon a hurdle: integrating an efficient geocoding solution for our project. While we explored renowned options such as Google Maps and Bing Maps, we found them exorbitantly priced with stringent daily request rate restrictions. Our quest was for a platform capable of handling millions of requests daily.

We proposed the integration of an open-source geocoding solution, Nominatim. However, the client felt its maintenance demands were too taxing, especially considering the substantial computing resources required for a robust setup.

Our Solution - The Birth of PickPoint:

In light of these limitations, we introduced PickPoint in 2015, positioning it as an alternative to the costly and restrictive services like Google Maps Geocoder. Recognizing that a $10k price tag is daunting for lean startups and the request limitations don't fit larger projects, we tailored PickPoint to be versatile.

Since PickPoint's inception, we've witnessed market evolution. Giants like Google and Microsoft have adjusted their offerings, providing more flexibility and competitive pricing. Additionally, numerous competitors, inspired by a similar vision, have emerged. However, we've remained proactive. We've rolled out innovative features, such as our comprehensive Routing service. We've invested heavily in enhancing the data quality from open sources and bolstered our infrastructure's capacity and reliability. Our dedication is further outlined in our "Values Manifesto."

Our Values Manifesto:

  1. Open Source Advocacy : We actively use and contribute to open source projects.
  2. Transparency in Operations : While we don't resell open source software, we offer our infrastructure and its maintenance for rent. We also support and contribute to the OpenStreetMap community without reselling its data.
  3. Dedicated Support : We pride ourselves in a responsive support system. Don't be surprised if occasionally our CEO directly assists you!
  4. Product Utilization : We use PickPoint in our other ventures. Every new feature we launch has been tried and tested in our other projects.
  5. Originality and Quality : We're not about chasing competitors or mimicking their features to bloat our product. We prioritize what we-and importantly, you-truly need. We shy away from integrating services that produce subpar results.
  6. Fair Pricing : Our pricing isn't about outdoing competitors. It's about offering a rational cost based on computational resources and team overhead.
  7. Exclusive Community : Every PickPoint user becomes part of our premium club. This membership ensures direct communication lines with our product developers, fostering a tight-knit community.

In essence, PickPoint isn't just a service - it's our commitment to offering quality, affordability, and community-driven solutions in the geocoding realm.

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