Product History

In 2015 as software developers we faced with a problem of integrating geocoding solution for one of our projects. We learned a few products like Google Maps and Bing Maps and realized that such products were quite expensive and had strong limitations for daily requests rate. We needed to find a product which could cover bigger expectations, i.e. the solution must have an ability to handle millions requests a day. We didn't find any appropriate commercial product for that, and we suggested our customer to integrate open source geocoding solution - Nominatim. The customer recognized this service as too heavy to maintain by the company. That's true, because Nominatim requires a lot of computer resources for setting up a configuration with high availability and durability level.

In 2015, we founded PickPoint as a competitor for expensive and too limited services like Google Maps Geocoder. For lean startups their cost $10k is not acceptable, for large projects who want to make more than 100k req/day their limitations are too small. PickPoint is self-invested project built as a classic lean startup.

Since the time when we created PickPoint we were able to see how the market changes. Now Google and Microsoft provide more flexible services with better pricing model than in the past. We have a lot of competitors who built their services using the same source and the idea.

We also did not stay aside. We introduced a cool new features like comprehensive Routing service. We were working a lot on quality of the data we import from open sources. We incredibly ramped up our infrastructure capacity and availability. We have got exceptional principles and values, see our Values Manifesto.

Values Manifesto

  1. We use and contribute to open source projects .
  2. We do not resell open source software. We rent out our infrastructure and sell its maintenance .
  3. We do not resell open data build by OpenStreetMap community. We help to contribute to the community .
  4. We keep our support processes clever , sometimes even the CEO can directly answer your questions and help to resolve any case.
  5. We use PickPoint for other products we build . Every new feature we introduce here is used by us somewhere else.
  6. We do not follow our competitors and do not copy their features in order to make our product to be just huge . We do what we and you definitely need to have . We do not integrate a service with low-quality of results.
  7. Our pricing model does not try to kill any competitor. We suggest a reasonable cost for our services based on expenses for computer resources and the team .
  8. Each our customer is a member of PickPoint premium club . Everyone can count on direct communication with product developers.
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